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Markets Live: Wednesday, 16th April, 2014 | FT Alphaville (April-16, 10:01 am)
Handicapping the John Bates Clark Medal | Real Time Economics (April-16, 10:00 am)
The (early) Lunch Wrap | FT Alphaville (April-16, 9:37 am)
Lifetime Brands: A Mundane Company, With Exciting Profit Potential | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-16, 9:00 am)
When will the primary party end? | FT Alphaville (April-16, 8:37 am)
Real Estate Prices Begin to Contract | Political Calculations (April-16, 8:01 am)
Links for 4-16-14 | Economist's View (April-16, 7:03 am)
Electricity, Steel Hint at Economic Uptick in China | Real Time Economics (April-16, 6:57 am)
More Rounds of BOJ Easing May Be Needed | Real Time Economics (April-16, 6:42 am)
Further reading | FT Alphaville (April-16, 6:33 am)
Trading Places: Latin America Model for Asia? | Real Time Economics (April-16, 6:25 am)
Holy Whiplash, Batman! | Macro Man (April-16, 6:00 am)
The 6am London Cut | FT Alphaville (April-16, 4:42 am)
Soft Inflation Clouds Picture for New Zealand Rates | Real Time Economics (April-16, 4:40 am)
Softbank Shares Rise on Alibaba Profit Report | DealBook (April-16, 3:50 am)
China GDP: A Massaging of the Figures? | Real Time Economics (April-16, 3:46 am)
Qiagen: Why I Prefer Waiting On The Sidelines | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-16, 2:53 am)
Deflation risk is low and that's good for the dollar | Calafia Beach Pundit (April-16, 1:11 am)
French Email Ban Update: "Duty to Disconnect" | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (April-15, 11:39 pm)
France Prohibits Sending Work Emails, Answering Cell Phones, Outside Working Hours | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (April-15, 11:36 pm)
Smuggling Sparks Questions about Philippine Current Account | Real Time Economics (April-15, 11:30 pm)
This Is How Free Americans Really Are | Zero Hedge (April-15, 11:03 pm)
The Closer | FT Alphaville (April-15, 10:26 pm)
10 Tuesday PM Reads | The Big Picture (April-15, 9:30 pm)
Lawler: Early Read on Existing Home Sales in March | Calculated Risk (April-15, 8:39 pm)
'Rising Sun' | Economist's View (April-15, 8:29 pm)
New Crop of I.P.O.s Getting Back to Basics | DealBook (April-15, 7:40 pm)
America’s Most Bizarre Taxes | The Daily Reckoning (April-15, 6:40 pm)
Defending Kickbacks | The Baseline Scenario (April-15, 6:39 pm)
52% Say Taxes Too High, 54% Say Taxes Fair; Too High But Fair? | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (April-15, 6:30 pm)
Not All Investigations Are Alike | DealBook (April-15, 6:27 pm)
How Innovation May Make Wall Street Less Efficient | Real Time Economics (April-15, 6:19 pm)
GMO 7-Year Real Return Forecast: US Equities Negative For 7 Years | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (April-15, 6:09 pm)
A Simple Way to Sidestep High-Frequency Traders | The Daily Reckoning (April-15, 6:08 pm)
Tax Day Charts: Federal Revenues and Spending | The Big Picture (April-15, 4:30 pm)
Why the Feds Want to Cripple Home Businesses | The Daily Reckoning (April-15, 3:57 pm)
Putin’s gold level: $1300/oz | FT Alphaville (April-15, 3:51 pm)
Immune Pharma Tackling Orphan Disease Bullous Pemphigoid | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-15, 3:37 pm)
Vital Signs: Higher Taxes and Higher Tax-Prep Fees | Real Time Economics (April-15, 3:18 pm)
EMC Corp.: 20% - 25% Upside In 1 Year | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-15, 2:47 pm)
Attention Shoppers: Fruit and Vegetable Prices Are Rising | Real Time Economics (April-15, 2:43 pm)
14 Firms to Watch Based on Friday’s Jobs Report | The Daily Reckoning (April-15, 2:17 pm)
10 Tuesday AM Reads | The Big Picture (April-15, 1:53 pm)
Small Is Beautiful: My Favorite Bank Stock Has A Strong Quarter | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-15, 1:06 pm)
La Quinta's IPO Should Provide An Extended Stay Of Share Price Appreciation | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-15, 12:56 pm)
Ziopharm: Attempting To Rise Again In A Crowded Space | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-15, 12:36 pm)
How Pricey Are Equities? | The Big Picture (April-15, 12:30 pm)
Dreaming of Corporate Tax Breaks | DealBook (April-15, 12:11 pm)
Twenty Years? Why? | Thoughts & Comments And Quick Takes (April-15, 12:00 pm)
Grand Central: So Far So Good on the U.S. Growth Forecast | Real Time Economics (April-15, 11:19 am)
I'm Buying W.P. Carey For The Long Haul | Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks stocks (April-15, 11:00 am)
Links 4/15/14 | naked capitalism (April-15, 10:55 am)
Despite New Loans, China Keeps Credit Tight | Real Time Economics (April-15, 10:49 am)