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Video: FOMC reaction | FT Alphaville (September-18, 1:30 am)
Fiat: Preparing To Strike | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (September-18, 1:10 am)
Amerco: Moving Higher | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (September-17, 11:47 pm)
Is It Time To Bottom-Fish For Vale SA? | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (September-17, 11:26 pm)
The Closer | FT Alphaville (September-17, 9:49 pm)
California Is Burning - Postcards From The Inferno | Zero Hedge (September-17, 9:22 pm)
N.Y. Fed Makes Changes in Overnight Reverse Repo Program Terms | Real Time Economics (September-17, 9:16 pm)
10 Wednesday PM Reads | The Big Picture (September-17, 9:15 pm)
How to Invest in a Strong Dollar World | The Daily Reckoning (September-17, 9:08 pm)
Fed Revises Plans on How it Will Raise Rates | Real Time Economics (September-17, 9:05 pm)
No need to fear Fed tightening | Calafia Beach Pundit (September-17, 8:56 pm)
Scotland may find it has no EU, no currency and not much oil | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Finance and business comments (September-17, 8:19 pm)
Thinking About A New Home? Builders Throw in Freebies To Lure Buyers | Real Time Economics (September-17, 8:17 pm)
Maths and the FOMC | FT Alphaville (September-17, 8:16 pm)
Economists React to the Fed: Dovish Statement, Hawkish Projections | Real Time Economics (September-17, 8:07 pm)
How To Game A Rigged Market | Zero Hedge (September-17, 7:49 pm)
GT Advanced Technologies: How The Bulls Got It So Wrong | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (September-17, 7:47 pm)
Got (Record-High-Priced) Milk? | Zero Hedge (September-17, 7:24 pm)
5 Takeaways From the Fed September Meeting | Real Time Economics (September-17, 6:46 pm)
What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 9/17/14 | market folly (September-17, 6:33 pm)
'Empathy for the Poor' | Economist's View (September-17, 6:32 pm)
Macro Live, Fed presser edition | FT Alphaville (September-17, 6:24 pm)
Two Dissents from Hawks on Fed’s Forward Guidance | Real Time Economics (September-17, 6:24 pm)
“How to Get Rich” is Not How You’d Expect | The Daily Reckoning (September-17, 6:18 pm)
FOMC Projections and Press Conference | Calculated Risk (September-17, 6:16 pm)
Most Federal Reserve Officials Still See First Rate Hike In 2015 | Real Time Economics (September-17, 6:12 pm)
Companies' Stock Buybacks at Biggest Pace Since 2007; Companies Rewarding Investors? | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (September-17, 6:10 pm)
FOMC statement for meeting of September 16-17, 2014 | FT Alphaville (September-17, 6:04 pm)
Parsing the Fed: How the Statement Changed | Real Time Economics (September-17, 6:03 pm)
Read the Full Text of the Fed’s Statement | Real Time Economics (September-17, 6:02 pm)
2:00PM Water Cooler 9/17/14 | naked capitalism (September-17, 5:58 pm)
Did New Airfare Methodology Skew August Inflation Reading? | Real Time Economics (September-17, 5:45 pm)
What Happens if the FOMC Gets Too Hawkish? | The Big Picture (September-17, 5:30 pm)
Bitcoin: Buy Now or Forever Hold Your Peace | The Daily Reckoning (September-17, 4:41 pm)
Swiss Pump Maker in Merger Talks With Dresser-Rand | DealBook (September-17, 4:27 pm)
The belated Michael Lewis effect? | FT Alphaville (September-17, 4:16 pm)
Recap: Federal Reserve Decision and Janet Yellen Press Conference | Real Time Economics (September-17, 4:15 pm)
Here’s the Market’s Next Hot Sector… | The Daily Reckoning (September-17, 3:41 pm)
The (obscene) cost of hedge funds [Update] | FT Alphaville (September-17, 3:32 pm)
California Teachers takes Harvard to School | The Big Picture (September-17, 3:30 pm)
Key Measures Show Low Inflation in August | Calculated Risk (September-17, 3:08 pm)
Maps Illustrate Mortgage-Lending Boom and Bust for Minorities | Real Time Economics (September-17, 2:58 pm)
The fatal flaw that could doom the European project | FT Alphaville (September-17, 1:47 pm)
New Sign of Weak Inflation Gives Fed More Room to Maneuver | Real Time Economics (September-17, 1:37 pm)
Ex-Currency Trader Braves Tumultuous Market | DealBook (September-17, 12:19 pm)
Morning Agenda: Investors Reflect on Calpers Move | DealBook (September-17, 12:16 pm)
10 Wednesday AM Reads | The Big Picture (September-17, 12:00 pm)
In The Next Correction, Will You Be A Winner Or A Loser? | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (September-17, 11:13 am)
MBA: Mortgage Applications Increase in Latest MBA Weekly Survey | Calculated Risk (September-17, 11:01 am)
Links 9/17/14 | naked capitalism (September-17, 10:48 am)
Malaysia Interest Rate Increase Looking More Likely | Real Time Economics (September-17, 10:28 am)
Swiss National Bank Preview: Negative Rates, or Wait and See? | Real Time Economics (September-17, 10:11 am)
Markets Live: Wednesday, 17th September, 2014 | FT Alphaville (September-17, 10:01 am)
Business Cycle Index | The Big Picture (September-17, 10:00 am)
Ilargi: Subprime is Back With a Vengeance | naked capitalism (September-17, 9:51 am)
Matt Stoller: The Solution to ISIS Is the First Amendment | naked capitalism (September-17, 9:46 am)
5 Questions About The European Central Bank’s Lending Program | Real Time Economics (September-17, 9:02 am)
Ukrainian Elections May Ease Way Toward Bailout Overhaul | Real Time Economics (September-17, 9:00 am)
The Babcock & Wilcox Company: Massive R&D Obscuring Earnings Power; 80%+ Upside | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (September-17, 9:00 am)
Turnaround At Hallmark Financial Services Could Drive 60% Upside | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (September-17, 9:00 am)
Visualizing the Net Change in Full and Part Time Employment Since 1968 | Political Calculations (September-17, 8:57 am)
Links for 9-17-14 | Economist's View (September-17, 7:06 am)
The big day arrives | Macro Man (September-17, 6:30 am)
One Thing You Can Always Count On | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (September-17, 2:51 am)