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QE, who needs ya? No, don’t answer that | FT Alphaville (October-31, 10:48 am)
The (early) Lunch Wrap | FT Alphaville (October-31, 10:48 am)
SolarCity Stands Strong Despite Unrelenting Pressure And Unwarranted Criticism | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-31, 10:46 am)
City Room: New York Today: Favorite New Haunt | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 10:40 am)
Latest News: Jerusalem Protests, Eric Frein, Halloween | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 10:40 am)
Viper Energy's Venom Less Lethal, But Not Harmless | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-31, 9:54 am)
Contested Holy Site in Jerusalem Reopens for Muslim Worship | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 9:39 am)
Hungary Suspends Internet Tax After Huge Protests | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 9:34 am)
Asians Feel Rich and Happy–Pew Study | Real Time Economics (October-31, 9:28 am)
Wyndham Worldwide: Excellent Business, A Buyback Gondola No-Brainer | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-31, 9:00 am)
Bank of Japan Sails Further Into Uncharted Territory | Real Time Economics (October-31, 8:29 am)
Beware the Grim Reaper This All Hallow's Eve! | Political Calculations (October-31, 8:10 am)
Fed Needs to Stop Asset Acquisitions for a Generation or So | naked capitalism (October-31, 7:49 am)
Further reading | FT Alphaville (October-31, 7:21 am)
Paul Krugman: Apologizing to Japan | Economist's View (October-31, 7:15 am)
Links for 10-31-14 | Economist's View (October-31, 7:06 am)
Your Abe put [updated] | FT Alphaville (October-31, 6:15 am)
Government, Not the Private Sector, Leads Innovation | naked capitalism (October-31, 6:06 am)
The Kuroda Bazooka Round Two | Real Time Economics (October-31, 6:02 am)
The 6am London Cut | FT Alphaville (October-31, 5:42 am)
“The Tragedy of Electronic Medical Records” | naked capitalism (October-31, 5:37 am)
Archive Dive: Halloween Candy Has Gotten Cheaper | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 3:18 am)
China’s GDP Growth: Less Than Meets the Eye? | Real Time Economics (October-31, 2:54 am)
Sunni Tribesmen Say ISIS Exacts Brutal Revenge | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 2:51 am)
Liberia’s Ebola Crisis Puts President in Harsh Light | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 2:36 am)
I Pledge Allegiance... | Zero Hedge (October-31, 2:18 am)
Looking for a Good Education at a Low Price, Perhaps Free? Head to Europe | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (October-31, 1:53 am)
Homelessness Rose in New York | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 1:49 am)
Campaigning to Extend, or End, One-Party Rule | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 1:34 am)
W. M. Anderson, 92, Dies; Faced India Plant Disaster | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 1:16 am)
Husband’s Arrest in India Tests Colonial-Era Sex Law | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 1:11 am)
Violent Protests Topple Government in Burkina Faso | NYT > Home Page (October-31, 1:06 am)
Disillusioned Millennials Dump Democrats, Blame Obama | Zero Hedge (October-31, 12:17 am)
3-D map of the adolescent universe | The Big Picture (October-31, 12:00 am)
All Of These Items Point To a Collapse in the Markets | Zero Hedge (October-30, 11:47 pm)
Putin To Western Elites: Play-Time Is Over | Zero Hedge (October-30, 11:35 pm)
Are ETFs With The Biggest Price Upside Potential, From Market-Maker Forecasts, The Best? | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 11:17 pm)
Retired Investors Must Be The Smart 'Little Pig' | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 10:34 pm)
Why a Strong Dollar is the Mortal Enemy of Gold and Oil | The Daily Reckoning (October-30, 10:15 pm)
The New Nifty Fifty, Part 3: Dividend Growth Ideas And Valuations | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 9:32 pm)
Net 1 UEPS Technologies: SASSA Contract Likely To Be Re-Awarded Boosting Shares | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 9:13 pm)
Confessions of a Newsletter Man | The Daily Reckoning (October-30, 8:57 pm)
10 Thursday PM Reads | The Big Picture (October-30, 8:30 pm)
Cliffs Natural Resources: Bonds Support Stock Move | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 8:12 pm)
Fed’s New Reverse Repo Terms Catch Wall Street’s Attention | Real Time Economics (October-30, 8:07 pm)
Quantitative pleasing | FT Alphaville (October-30, 7:50 pm)
College: The Great Unleveler | The Big Picture (October-30, 7:30 pm)
Why didn’t QE3 raise inflation expectations? | FT Alphaville (October-30, 7:30 pm)
The Most Important Factor of the Swiss Gold Initiative | The Daily Reckoning (October-30, 7:21 pm)
Earnings Cheating Season: Is Your Favorite Company Cooking the Books? | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (October-30, 7:15 pm)
Hotels: Occupancy up 5.4%, RevPAR up 10.8% Year-over-Year | Calculated Risk (October-30, 6:54 pm)
12 West Capital Discloses RetailMeNot Stake | market folly (October-30, 6:13 pm)
Sachem Head Capital Files 13D on CDK Global | market folly (October-30, 6:10 pm)
2:00PM Water Cooler 10/30/14 | naked capitalism (October-30, 5:58 pm)
Is Military Spending Driving U.S. GDP Growth? | Real Time Economics (October-30, 5:50 pm)
Nuance Investors: Quit Fretting About Apple, An Inflection Point Is Coming | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 5:43 pm)
Tonix Pharmaceuticals: Phase II, Phase III, And Beyond For TNX-102 | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 4:58 pm)
$2 trillion GDP shortfall | Calafia Beach Pundit (October-30, 4:56 pm)
How Solar Power Could Heat Up Your Portfolio | The Daily Reckoning (October-30, 4:44 pm)
Synergy Resources: Strong Production Growth Visible Through Fiscal Q2 | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-30, 4:42 pm)
Ebola "Turning Point" and Perspective | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (October-30, 4:30 pm)
Economics Advances One Funeral at a Time . . . | The Big Picture (October-30, 4:00 pm)
Lawler: MDC Results and Homebuilder Summary Table | Calculated Risk (October-30, 3:36 pm)
US and China tighten in unison, and damn the torpedoes | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Finance and business comments (October-30, 3:20 pm)
R.I.P. Tapir (5/22/13 – 10/29/14) | The Daily Reckoning (October-30, 3:19 pm)
Stimulate This! | The Big Picture (October-30, 3:00 pm)
'BEA: Real GDP increased at 3.5% Annualized Rate in Q3' | Economist's View (October-30, 2:22 pm)
Economists React to GDP: ‘Broadly Constructive’ | Real Time Economics (October-30, 2:03 pm)
10 Thursday AM Reads | The Big Picture (October-30, 1:30 pm)
Fed’s Yellen Says Economics Can Benefit From More Diversity | Real Time Economics (October-30, 1:00 pm)
Third-Quarter GDP – The Numbers | Real Time Economics (October-30, 12:58 pm)
BEA: Real GDP increased at 3.5% Annualized Rate in Q3 | Calculated Risk (October-30, 12:44 pm)
Should Beijing raise subway fares? | Michael Pettis' CHINA FINANCIAL MARKETS (October-30, 11:33 am)
Someone’s in rouble now | FT Alphaville (October-30, 11:10 am)