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The Trader as Scapegoat | Economist's View (April-28, 2:57 pm)
Video: Geithner, Paulson, and Rubin | Economist's View (April-28, 2:49 pm)
Why Trade Deals Don't Get More Public Support | Economist's View (April-28, 2:44 pm)
Starbucks 2015 Upside Still Promising, Long-Term Upside Even More Fascinating | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-28, 2:35 pm)
How to Plan a European Stock Market Vacation | The Daily Reckoning (April-28, 2:34 pm)
New Gotham City target: Endurance International | FT Alphaville (April-28, 2:18 pm)
Frenchmen at the Aviva AGM | FT Alphaville (April-28, 1:55 pm)
US Real Estate Winners And Losers By City | Zero Hedge (April-28, 1:54 pm)
When $140 Billion In Buybacks Isn't Enough... | Zero Hedge (April-28, 1:52 pm)
Facebook Shares Discounted After Not Pricing In Q1 Results | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-28, 1:33 pm)
Death Tax, Paying for What You Use, Comment Foolishness | The Big Picture (April-28, 1:30 pm)
Head of R.B.S. Spinoff, Williams & Glyn, to Step Down | NYT > DealBook (April-28, 1:10 pm)
Century Casinos: Interesting In Many Ways | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-28, 12:36 pm)
Helmerich & Payne: Are Premium Land Rigs Overbuilt? | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-28, 12:23 pm)
‘Fast Track’ Trade Legislation – At A Glance | Real Time Economics (April-28, 12:08 pm)
10 Tuesday AM Reads | The Big Picture (April-28, 11:30 am)
News: Morning Agenda: What Makes a Mogul | NYT > DealBook (April-28, 11:05 am)
Links 4/28/15 | naked capitalism (April-28, 10:55 am)
Markets Live: Tuesday, 28th April, 2015 | FT Alphaville (April-28, 10:00 am)
Carlyle’s Private Equity Secrecy Overreach | naked capitalism (April-28, 9:19 am)
Alpha Natural Resources Sees Light At The End Of The Tunnel | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-28, 9:17 am)
Strong Rates Support Material Upside In Matson | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-28, 9:00 am)
A regulatory spoof | FT Alphaville (April-28, 8:01 am)
Median New Home Sale Prices in the U.S. | Political Calculations (April-28, 8:00 am)
Valuations: Maybe I am Crazy | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (April-28, 7:26 am)
One Picasso isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? | FT Alphaville (April-28, 7:22 am)
Op-Ed Contributor: The Trader as Scapegoat | NYT > DealBook (April-28, 7:21 am)
The 23 Count Indictment of the TPP | naked capitalism (April-28, 7:10 am)
Links for 04-28-15 | Economist's View (April-28, 7:06 am)
Dog days (payable) | FT Alphaville (April-28, 7:00 am)
Traders Think BOJ Won’t Act, But They’re on Guard Anyway | Real Time Economics (April-28, 6:56 am)
Further reading | FT Alphaville (April-28, 5:20 am)
FirstFT (the new 6am Cut) | FT Alphaville (April-28, 5:09 am)
Satyajit Das: Two Views of Japan’s Setting Sun | naked capitalism (April-28, 4:16 am)
Sad News For Greece? Will Greece Kiss Troika's Ass? | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (April-28, 1:57 am)
Tuesday: Case-Shiller House Prices | Calculated Risk (April-28, 1:34 am)
Uncertainty Over Impact of a Default by Greece | NYT > DealBook (April-28, 12:40 am)
Mylan Rejects Teva’s $40 Billion Takeover Offer | NYT > DealBook (April-28, 12:01 am)
A Partial Solution to Income Inequality | Macro and Other Market Musings (April-27, 11:21 pm)
Insys Therapeutics And The New 'Killing It' | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-27, 10:17 pm)
Two-Speed Recovery: Small Firms Lag Big Business | Real Time Economics (April-27, 10:00 pm)
'Are Immigrants a Shot in the Arm for the Local Economy?' | Economist's View (April-27, 9:40 pm)
At $20, Is Post-Merger International Game Technology A False Door Bargain? | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (April-27, 9:27 pm)
Merrill Lynch: FOMC Preview | Calculated Risk (April-27, 8:40 pm)
Job Skills Companies Want But Can’t Get | The Big Picture (April-27, 8:00 pm)
Shanghai equities roar as China floats QE-lite | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Finance and business comments (April-27, 7:32 pm)
2:00PM Water Cooler 4/27/15 | naked capitalism (April-27, 5:59 pm)
6th Straight Negative New Orders Reading for Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (April-27, 5:52 pm)
Could credit beat stocks when the Fed tightens? | FT Alphaville (April-27, 5:15 pm)
Vehicle Sales Forecasts: Best April in "13 Years" | Calculated Risk (April-27, 5:11 pm)
The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Driving | The Daily Reckoning (April-27, 5:00 pm)
How Spoofing Works | The Big Picture (April-27, 4:30 pm)
Jeff Gundlach's Appearance on Wall Street Week | market folly (April-27, 4:03 pm)
The Shock Doctrine: When Order Trumps Personal Freedom | The Daily Reckoning (April-27, 4:00 pm)