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Diamond Out Of The Rough | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-23, 4:46 am)
The 6am London Cut | FT Alphaville (October-23, 4:46 am)
The New Nifty Fifty, Part 2: Dividend Growth Investing's Greatest Hits | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-23, 2:15 am)
Thursday: Unemployment Claims, FHFA House Price Index | Calculated Risk (October-22, 11:41 pm)
How The Federal Reserve Is Purposely Attacking Savers | Zero Hedge (October-22, 10:24 pm)
In the Downdraft of Hormegeddon | The Daily Reckoning (October-22, 9:47 pm)
10 Wednesday PM Reads | The Big Picture (October-22, 9:30 pm)
U.K. Mortgage Holders So Far Unfazed By Prospect of Higher Rates | Real Time Economics (October-22, 8:55 pm)
QE Timeline Update | Calculated Risk (October-22, 8:31 pm)
Asset Classes: Real 10-Year Expected Return | The Big Picture (October-22, 8:00 pm)
Oil slump leaves Russia even weaker than decaying Soviet Union | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Finance and business comments (October-22, 7:48 pm)
Health Care Costs: Still the Pig in the Federal Python | The Daily Reckoning (October-22, 7:10 pm)
Robust construction and CRE conditions | Calafia Beach Pundit (October-22, 6:52 pm)
Why Rising Rents Haven’t Pumped Up Inflation | Real Time Economics (October-22, 6:16 pm)
2:00PM Water Cooler 10/22/14 | naked capitalism (October-22, 5:58 pm)
Key Measures Show Low Inflation in September | Calculated Risk (October-22, 5:25 pm)
Saxo Bank CIO Jakobsen Predicts Another "Shock Drop" in Markets; Addicted to Cheap Money | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (October-22, 4:55 pm)
Six Signs Your Government’s Too Big | The Daily Reckoning (October-22, 4:23 pm)
US Airdrops Load of Weapons Into Hands of ISIS | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis (October-22, 4:17 pm)
'Helicopter Money' | Economist's View (October-22, 4:17 pm)
N.Y. Fed Official Christine Cumming to Retire in June 2015 | Real Time Economics (October-22, 4:00 pm)
More American Children Are Living With Their Grandparents | Real Time Economics (October-22, 3:33 pm)
'Persuasion with Statistics' | Economist's View (October-22, 3:32 pm)
'Will the Big Banks Ever Clean Up Their Act?' | Economist's View (October-22, 3:32 pm)
GameStop: A Cash Cow Offering Asymmetric Return | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-22, 3:30 pm)
America's Disinflationary Future? | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-22, 3:27 pm)
IBM: Taking A Hard Look At R&D | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-22, 2:45 pm)
You Are Worrying About the Wrong Things | The Big Picture (October-22, 2:30 pm)
Burn rates, oil sovereign edition | FT Alphaville (October-22, 2:16 pm)
The roots of the Italian stagnation | Credit Writedowns (October-22, 2:08 pm)
10 Wednesday AM Reads | The Big Picture (October-22, 12:30 pm)
Does The Secular Stagnation Theory Have Any Sort of Validity? | Credit Writedowns (October-22, 11:58 am)
Corvex Capital's Presentation on Crown Castle (CCI) | market folly (October-22, 11:50 am)
What Likely Happened To Dividend Growth Retirees In The Recessions | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-22, 11:32 am)
Grand Central: More About that Fed Culture Crackdown on Banks | Real Time Economics (October-22, 11:16 am)
8 Major Reasons Why The Current Low Oil Price Is Not Here To Stay | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-22, 11:00 am)
Links 10/22/14 | naked capitalism (October-22, 10:55 am)
Japan Vice Minister Calls Weaker Yen Good if Gradual | Real Time Economics (October-22, 10:35 am)
Markets Live: Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 | FT Alphaville (October-22, 10:02 am)
The (early) Lunch Wrap | FT Alphaville (October-22, 9:35 am)
Forward Guidance: Human Plans and Divine Laughter | naked capitalism (October-22, 9:13 am)
QLogic: A Logical Buy For 2015 | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-22, 9:00 am)
HealthEquity IPO Implies 50%+ Upside For Webster Financial | Editors' Picks Articles on Seeking Alpha (October-22, 9:00 am)
Chinese deposit growth, but not as we knew it | FT Alphaville (October-22, 8:48 am)
Just the minutes | FT Alphaville (October-22, 8:34 am)
Lower Oil Prices Seen Easing Japan’s Trade Pain | Real Time Economics (October-22, 8:07 am)
Why the Future Matters More than the Now for Stock Prices | Political Calculations (October-22, 7:19 am)
Squeezing the Water Out of China’s Spongy Growth Numbers | Real Time Economics (October-22, 7:15 am)
Links for 10-22-14 | Economist's View (October-22, 7:06 am)
The Top 10 U.S. States Where Chinese Are Investing in Real Estate | Real Time Economics (October-22, 6:55 am)
Further reading | FT Alphaville (October-22, 5:57 am)